Two essential services...ONE SOURCE!

We provide personal property liquidation and real estate services and have made it our objective to be a comprehensive service provider while striving for excellence in each endeavor.

We help clients sell personal property for top dollar liquidating entire estates or helping others downsize to lighten the load! 

Our Personal Property Liquidation Services are tailored to a client's individual needs and concerns. We have helped estate owners and heirs, probate attorneys, real estate agents and their clients and we will be pleased to provide numerous references for our outstanding results!

A consistent following of purchasers ensures that we sell 75-90% of a client's personal property and we offer our services at competitive rates!

Most important, we are very aware of the emotional circumstances that usually accompany the need for Personal Property Liquidations and we are fully prepared and experienced in handling the most delicate situations. We are always there to help even if it means simply offering helpful advice.

Our conscientious service in personal property liquidation services include free consultations, researched pricing and short notice, personal property buy outs.  We also coordinate donations and clear homes to make things easy on the estate owner.

Additionally, we are unique among Liquidation companies in that we offer Real Estate Services.

Our Real Estate Services are defined by our relationships with hundreds of real estate agents in the greater LA area and the acumen of thirty years in the real estate world. Whether you would like to find a property that is not yet listed in the public market or sell your home for top dollar, we have the tools to help you succeed. We can also auction market homes within the context of our Personal Property Liquidationservices or as a standard real estate listing - in each case, the owner is in control with reserve pricing to ensure a minimum bid.

We would love to help you through any situation you may be experiencing.

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