Thank you for taking the time to consider our Broker Services - we are sure you will be completely satisfied with the results should you and your client decide to move forward!   We pride ourselves on having numerous positive relationships with real estate agents in the greater LA area and would would look forward to working with you.  Please take a moment here to understand how we work so we can be of maximum benefit.

In a perfect world, a client calls you and says "I'd like to sell my home.  Can you come over so we can sign paperwork?"  You walk in and the home is sparkling, appearing staged and photographer ready.  You sign the papers with a realistic asking price, begin your marketing campaign and the rest is history.

Even in such an ideal case, our services can be useful when your client is downsizing or wishing to sell off personal property assets.  Our Estate Sale Services bring in extra funds to your client and act as free advertising for your listing!  In fact, when implemented prior to placing the home on the market, our services can help induce multiple offers because our sales usually attract 200-500 visitors, many of whom inquire about the real estate and each of whom has a sphere of friends, family and associates. 

This is a powerful way to focus attention on your listing without wasting even a single day on the MLS! 

A great way to approach a client who will consider both the sale of their home and an estate liquidation (even if partial), is to sign two listing contracts -  one which is excluded from the MLS for three weeks to a month and a second commencing immediately thereafter which will be uploaded to the MLS.  This way you are protected during the off-market period and, upon loading the property on to the MLS, it will record the property status as being on the market for one day. 

During the off-market period, potential buyers will add up on the sidelines or if your client is willing, offers can begin coming in for review. 

Once we are employed to conduct an estate sale, we take 5-10 days to set up the sale and advertise to our database as well as publish the sale on various paid online sources.  Road signs are placed for additional local foot traffic and the sale begins...a 3-4 day venture wherein your client's personal property is sold for the highest reasonable prices and your listing becomes the subject of multiple inquiries while the home is being emptied, prepped for staging and MLS marketing. 

As part of our Estate Sale Services, we also coordinate the complete emptying of the home per the terms in our contract.  Though we do not haul trash or pay for trash removal, we coordinate as much as possible to take the burden off your client.  

By the time your listing comes out on the MLS, the engine of buyer anticipation is already revved up!

If our Home Staging Services are added, we ensure the appeal of the home is maximized through the use of popular new furnishings and we guarantee the most competitive price for Estate Sale clients.  Our goal is to make the home so beautified that it sells quickly and the Buyer wants to purchase the home furnished!  Our home staging contract specifies the price to purchase the furnishings and your client gets a 25-50% refund of the staging costs should the furnishings be purchased with the home!

Your client may also choose to up the ante by using our Auction Marketing Services wherein we add an additional layer of advertising to appropriate target markets and conduct an auction sale with a minimum reserve price established by you and your client.  This protects your client so that even if the auction does not produce a bid over the reserve price, your listing continues uninterrupted and gains added exposure. 

There is only a $250 advertising charge to your client for the Auction Marketing service and no additional fees are charged to the seller unless the property is over $2,000,000 and requires international and regional advertising campaigns. 

We make money by charging a Buyer premium to the winning bidder and / or participate in the selling office commission if we represent the winning bid.   We use an independent third party bidding and document verification system in order to ensure the integrity of the auction.  Bidding is open to anyone: Principals as well as broker- represented parties.

Contact us now at (818) 340-7400 or click the link below for more information or to set up a Free Consultation.  We welcome your questions and are confident that any one of our services will enhance your next transaction and using all of them will surely maximize your and your client's success!